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Since the American 1921 Small model is a smaller version, the effects of the watch are not different. It will just fit better on smaller wrists. The Historiques Triple Calendar 1942 and 1948 are the watches that remain to be discussed. Will they be adored as much as the Historiques Cornes de Vache 55 from 2015? It wasn't just a pretty face. The watch also had a stunning Lemania CH27 chronograph movement (or, in blancpain replicaese, the cal. 1142).

The Historiques Triple calendar 1942 and 1948 looks great in pictures but there were no casebacks included in the press kit. blancpain replica's Poincon de Geneve movement can't be disappointed!

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Technical Specifications

Historiques Triple calendrier 1942 (red accents, ref. 3110V/000A-B425; blue accents, ref. 3110V/000A-B426)

Move with ease

Manual winding 4400 QC, Hallmark of Geneva certified. Hours and minutes by apertures. Day of the week and date by central hands. 65-hour power reserves.

Case Study

Water-resistant up to 30m; 40mm stainless steel


Hand-stitched Mississippi alligator with alligator interior shell,Omega Replica large square scales, saddle-finish with polished half Maltese-shaped buckle

Price:CHF20,296 (SGD28,600)

Historiques Triple calendrier 1948 red accents, ref. 3100V/000R-B359; blue accents, ref. 3100V/000R-B422)

Move with ease

Moonphase indicator, 65-hour power reserve; manual winding caliber 4,400 QCL. Hallmark of Geneva certified. Hours and minutes. Day of the week by apertures. Date by central hand.